Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all equipment supply, repair work, maintenance work and re-certification (hereinafter “the products”).
  2. Trestle Jacks (Pty) Ltd (hereinafter Trestle Jacks) will conclude that these terms and conditions are accepted for “the products” by receipt of client’s order and deposit payment.
  3. All of the quoted prices are net excluding VAT.
  4. All quoted prices are valid for 30 days, ex works. Prices are provided on a ‘not fixed’ basis and are thus subject to change in the event of sub-supplier increases received prior to the order placement, including increases due to Rand depreciation.
  5. Payment terms for repair work, maintenance work and re-certification:
    • Trestle Jacks assists clients with repair and/or maintenance work estimates (site work) and re-certification prior to work commencing on client equipment. Site work can only proceed once these costs estimates are accepted by the client and an order is received with full payment (100%) reflecting in our bank account.
    • Unit repair work often leads to additional repair requirements that are only revealed once the unit or part thereof is stripped and/or checked or load tested. Trestle Jacks will immediately advise the client through Trestle Jacks offices and managers in such event and the additional cost must be approved by the client by additional order and payment before said additional work can be executed.
  6. Payment terms for product supply:
    • 55% of Quoted Price + VAT upon receipt of written order (non-refundable deposit).  Work cannot commence until these funds are deposited.
    • 45% of Contract Price + VAT on notification the equipment is complete. Delivery will not be made until these full funds (final payment) are deposited and reflect in Trestle Jacks bank statement.
    • Goods will only be released and returned once it is confirmed that the final payment is reflecting in Trestle Jacks bank account. Goods are not secured until deposit payment has been received.
    • Goods not collected within 4 weeks of notification that the goods are complete and available for dispatch shall be considered in breach of contract and may be returned to stock and available to sell to others. The Goods or Equipment remain the property of Trestle Jacks until paid in full.
  7. Guarantee
    • Trestle Jacks provides a standard materials and workmanship guarantee of 12 months.
    • Trestle Jacks will not accept any liability for consequential losses or loss of production.
    • Trestle Jacks does not provide any guarantees for incorrect usage of products. Clients are to confirm with the order, the safe working load (SWL) or SCOPE for the intended duty.  Once the order is placed, the SCOPE forms the basis of the design and order implementation.
    • Trestle Jacks does not provide guarantees for units used on applications that are outside those intended for lifting and supporting axles.
    • The Operating Instructions supplied with Trestle Jacks products must be thoroughly studied and staff trained accordingly, by the client, prior to use.
  8. Delivery schedule
    • Order receipt with deposit reflected in our bank account is start of the count date for delivery.
    • Trestle Jacks normal delivery schedule is 4 weeks, but is subject to planning. Public Holidays and year end shut time is to be added to this schedule.  Ex stock items requiring final assembly can typically be delivered in 1 to 2 weeks from order.  Trestle Jacks endeavours to meet clients’ planning requirements and we are confident that an acceptable arrangement to all parties satisfaction can be agreed.
    • Changes to the standard delivery schedule are only valid if accepted by the Managing Director of Trestle Jacks in writing at or before the order placement. The MD is the sole authorized person to approve such changes.
    • Acts of God, Eskom power downs or strikes at Trestle Jacks or Client’s site are to be added to the time allowed, if occurring.
    • Any Force Majeure delays to be urgently discussed and mutually agreed for planning schedules, if occurring.
  9. These terms and conditions are the sole conditions applying to orders arising from quotations.


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