Production of food to feed the nations include tractors, trailers, balers, combines, ploughs, mowers, planters, livestock carriers, timber trailers and sprayers.

TrestleJacks make it easier for farmers during the crucial period of land preparation and harvesting.  Vehicle up-time is critical.  When dealing with a troubled axle (tyres, rims and wheel assemblies), a TrestleJacks  lift is safe, easy and quick, saving up to 86% of the time normally taken by conventional lifting equipment such as hydraulic jacks.  There is no need for a separate axle support stand and the overall stability of the lifted axle is assured.

Commercial Freight:

Trucking goods and materials to customers using tractor-trailers.  The sector includes commercial heavy freight vehicles, low bed trailers, abnormal load trailers, box trailers and tankers.

A hard and time consuming duty made quick and easy, saving you time in the shop, or on the road, or in the field, minimising service personnel “exposure time”.


A vital civil engineering sector that enhances the economy in providing buildings, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, dams, water reticulation and sewers.  Vehicles include graders and scrapers, front end loaders, articulated dump trucks, concrete mixers and tipper trucks.

TrestleJacks have been tested in mud, on dirt, on paving, on tar and on sloping ground – with both empty and fully loaded trailers.  TrestleJacks unique design works on most surfaces.



In defending countries borders and rendering services to communities in times of emergencies or disaster, a variety of vehicles include troop carriers, armoured fighting vehicles, utility support and engineering vehicles of many types.

TrestleJacks can enhance the mobility of military vehicles in terms of ease and speed of lifting and supporting a troubled axle to effect maintenance.  Whether it is preventative or breakdown maintenance, or maintenance after long periods of storage, TrestleJacks is the option of choice.



The mainstay of many economies include underground loader hauler dumpers, front end loaders, articulated dump trucks, utility vehicles and dump trucks.
TrestleJacks make the important task of maintaining tyre assemblies (tyres, rims and wheel assemblies) a breeze. Quick and easy to lift and support an axle safely, and lowering by simply driving off. TrestleJacks make it impossible to take short cuts in the lifting, supporting and lowering processes thereby ensuring the safety of service personnel.

Safety and Emergency:

Responding to emergencies in life threatening situations, vehicles include ambulances, fire trucks, riot carriers, police vans and tow trucks.
Tyres are a safety critical element of every vehicle on the road. Vehicle operators are legally obligated to ensure that tyres in use are fit for purpose at all times. TrestleJacks provides a safe, easy, quick and reliable component of any robust tyre management system.


Focusing on recreation, entertainment, sports, and tourism-related products includes caravans, light trailers, motor homes, boat and motorcycle carriers and recreation vehicles.
From a small trailer to the biggest truck, you’ll have at your disposal a TrestleJack for every vehicle. This is more than just a best way to lift. No Vehicle too large for TrestleJack. Peace of mind behind any wheel.

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